Analysis report on biomass production in 2021 in the Sahel

  • Rainy season globally close to normal in the Sahel
  • Biomass production close to normal in almost all of the Sahelian area
  • Negative biomass production in pastoral areas of Mauritania, in the Tagant, Assaba, Guidimakha and Gorgol regions
  • Strongly negative biomass production in Mauritania and moderately negative in the Timbuktu region of Mali
  • Critical biomass production deficits in Hodh El Chargui and Hodh El Gharbi in Mauritania 
  • Negative biomass production especially in the northern pastoral zone of Niger and Chad
  • Economic environment remains challenging
  • Security context severely hampering herd mobility and access to pasture and water resources in the Central Sahel

Report downloadable here